Replacement Jaws - Centre Cut

Replacement Jaws - Centre Cut

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Replacement Jaws - Centre Cut Features:

IRWIN® Record® bolt cutters made their debut in 1923.

IRWIN® Record® bolt cutters combine specially formulated steel jaws and exacting manufacturing techniques to make a range of cutters that will handle high, low and medium tensile materials of all kinds.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
TJ914HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 14”/355mm Bolt Cutters0734442094579
TJ918HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 18”/460mm Bolt Cutters0734442096009
TJ924HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 24”/610mm Bolt Cutters0734442096122
TJ930HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 30”/760mm Bolt Cutters0734442096245
TJ936HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 36”/915mm Bolt Cutters0734442096368
TJ942HReplacement Jaw - Center Cut, Fits 42”/1070mm Bolt Cutters0734442096481