Wood Cutting HCS Jigsaw Blades. T-Shank.

IRWIN Wood Cutting HCS Jigsaw Blades

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Wood Cutting HCS Jigsaw Blades. T-Shank. Features:

    for fast cut and clean finishes
    in all wood applications

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10504218HCS, 100mm, 6 TPI, T144D, Standard, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042184
10504219HCS, 100mm, 10 TPI, T101B, Side Ground, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042191
10504221HCS, 100mm, 8 TPI, T111C, Standard, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042214
10504222HCS, 100mm, 6 TPI, T101D, Side Ground, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042221
10504223HCS, 100mm, 10 TPI, T101BR, Side Ground Reverse, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042238
10504224HCS, 100mm, 6 TPI, T244D, Standard Contour, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042245
10504226HCS, 83mm, 20 TPI, T101AO, Side Ground Narrow Contour, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042269
10504227HCS, 83mm, 12 TPI, T119BO, Standard Narrow Contour, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042276
10504228HCS, 115mm, Progressive 8-13TPI, T234X, Side Ground, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042283
10504229HCS, 115mm, 8 TPI, T301CD, Side Ground, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915042290
10504410HCS, 100mm, 6 TPI, T144DP, Standard Extra Thick 1.68mm, Wood Cutting 5PK5706915044102
10504545HCS, 100mm, 6 TPI, T144D, Standard, Wood Cutting 100PK5706915945454