Bi-Metal Hole Saw

IRWIN Bi-Metal Hole Saw

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Bi-Metal Hole Saw Features:

IRWIN® Bi-Metal Hole Saws cut through a variety of materials, including: Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel, Wood and Zinc.  The electron beam welded High Speed Steel (HSS) cutting edge ensures stronger, longer lasting teeth. Precision set teeth provide faster penetration and cutting. And, the bi-metal construction delivers toughness and long life.
    Delivers enhanced durability and higher cutting speed
    For up to 100% longer life and 50% faster cutting*
  • 4,5 / 5,5 VARIABLE TPI
    For faster cuts, less torque build-up and enhanced chip removal
    For more efficient chip clearance
    Gives robustness for the toughest jobs
    For increased life and durability

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10504162Ø 16mm5706915041620
10504163Ø 17mm5706915041637
10504164Ø 19mm5706915041644
10504165Ø 20mm5706915041651
10504166Ø 21mm5706915041668
10504167Ø 22mm5706915041675
10504168Ø 24mm5706915041682
10504169Ø 25mm5706915041699
10504170Ø 27mm5706915041705
10504171Ø 29mm5706915041712
10504172Ø 30mm5706915041729
10504173Ø 32mm5706915041736
10504174Ø 33mm5706915041743
10504175Ø 35mm5706915041750
10504176Ø 37mm5706915041767
10504177Ø 38mm5706915041774
10504178Ø 40mm5706915041781
10504179Ø 41mm5706915041798
10504180Ø 43mm5706915041804
10504181Ø 44mm5706915041811
10504182Ø 46mm5706915041828
10504183Ø 48mm5706915041835
10504184Ø 51mm5706915041842
10504185Ø 52mm5706915041859
10504186Ø 54mm5706915041866
10507366Ø 56mm5706915073669
10504187Ø 57mm5706915041873
10504188Ø 59mm5706915041880
10504189Ø 60mm5706915041897
10507367Ø 62mm5706915073676
10504190Ø 64mm5706915041903
10504191Ø 65mm5706915041910
10504192Ø 67mm5706915041927
10504193Ø 68mm5706915041934
10504194Ø 70mm5706915041941
10504195Ø 73mm5706915041958
10504196Ø 76mm5706915041965
10504197Ø 79mm5706915041972
10504198Ø 83mm5706915041989
10504199Ø 86mm5706915041996
10504200Ø 89mm5706915042009
10504201Ø 92mm5706915042016
10504202Ø 95mm5706915042023
10504203Ø 98mm5706915042030
10504204Ø 102mm5706915042047
10504205Ø 105mm5706915042054
10504206Ø 108mm5706915042061
10504207Ø 111mm5706915042078
10504208Ø 114mm5706915042085
10504209Ø 117mm5706915042092
10504210Ø 121mm5706915042108
10504211Ø 127mm5706915042115
10505818Ø 133mm5706915058185
10504212Ø 140mm5706915042122
10504213Ø 152mm5706915042139
10505819Ø 168mm5706915058192
10505820Ø 177mm5706915058208
10505821Ø 210mm5706915058215