XPERT Panel Saws


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XPERT Panel Saws Features:

The XPERT saw range takes wood cutting to whole new levels of comfort and performance. Designed for Professionals - The XPERT saw range has a specific saw for every material and application.
  • Triple-ground teeth for ultimate cutting performance
  • 1mm rigid blade for maximum stability
  • Deep gullets for enhanced performance & greater volume removal of waste material (Coarse saw only)
  • Fine nose teeth for easy start (Universal and Toolbox Saw only)
  • Soft-grip handle with finger guide for maximum comfort in prolonged use
  • Hard point teeth for longer life
  • High quality C75 steel blade that is stable and ensures maximum power transfer
  • Water based lacquer gives four times better rust protection than traditional lacquer

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10505538XPERT HSAW UNIV 15"/375MM 8T/9P5706915055382
10505539XPERT HSAW UNIV 18"/450MM 8T/9P5706915055399
10505540XPERT HSAW UNIV 20"/500MM 8T/9P5706915055405
10505541XPERT HSAW UNIV 22"/550MM 8T/9P5706915055412
10505542XPERT HSAW COARDG 22"/550MM 8/95706915055429
10505543XPERT HSAW FINE 22"/550MM10T/115706915055436
10505555XPERT HSAW FINE 15"/375MM 10T/115706915055559
10505556XPERT HSAWFINE 20"/500MM 10T/11P5706915055566