Bowsaw Blades

IRWIN Xpert Replacement Blade - Fine Toothing

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Bowsaw Blades Features:

IRWIN® offers the complete range of bowsaws and replacement blades for pruning and garden work. Select from hard point and precision filed blades that give outstanding cutting performance, whether it’s trimming storm-damaged trees, pruning shrubs, bushes or cutting firewood.

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TXP3011300000Bowsaw Blade - Dry Wood 12” / 300 mm5715110480066
TXP3020533000Bowsaw Blade - Dry Wood 21” / 533 mm5715110480189
TXP3020610000Bowsaw Blade - Dry Wood 24” / 610 mm5715110480219
TXP3020762000Bowsaw Blade - Dry Wood 30” / 762 mm5715110480240
TXP3024533000Bowsaw Blade - Green Wood 21” / 533 mm5715110480271
TXP3024610000Bowsaw Blade - Green Wood 24” / 610 mm5715110480332
TXP3024762000Bowsaw Blade - Green Wood 30” / 762 mm5715110480301