Sash Clamps 135 Series and Spare parts

IRWIN Sash Clamps 135 Series

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Sash Clamps 135 Series and Spare parts Features:

These cut heavy-duty clamps have a bar section of 32mm x 6mm (1-1/4” x 1/4”). The slide and head are guaranteed unbreakable.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
T1352Sash Clamp, 24” / 610mm0734442033363
T1353Sash Clamp, 30” / 760mm0734442033486
T1354Sash Clamp, 36” / 915mm0734442033608
T1355Sash Clamp, 42” / 1070mm0734442033721
T1356Sash Clamp, 48” / 1220mm0734442033844
T1357Sash Clamp, 54” / 1370mm0734442033851
T1359Sash Clamp, 66” / 1980mm0734442033875
TL1354Sash Clamp, 36” Lengthening Bar (915mm)0734442033967
T135DTailslide with Peg & Chain0734442045366
T135EPeg & Chain0734442045960