No matter which statistics of the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup is looked at: The name of one man always stands right on top of the list - Patrick Huisman. The 41-year-old Netherlander controls the championship since the middle of the nineties. Four championship titles, 24 race victories and 20 pole positions are piece of evidence for the outstanding class of the Porsche brands cup driver. He was runner-up in 2005, in the following two years he had to be content with only one race victory each.

For the 2008 season the two metre giant from the Dutch Hengelo is looking for new tasks and challenges to tie in with the successful years. Along side of David Saelens he starts for IRWIN Racing. His lure is the fifth championship title. (-racecam)


Q: Patrick, you have been driving in Porsche Supercup for many years. Tell us what you think about the race series compared to other series in the world and what fascinates you about it.

A: I enjoy driving the supercup series as it is besides the DTM the best platform for me to compete on a highly professional level and being together with F1 all ingredients are there for teams drivers and partners to achieve their respective goals.

Q: IRWIN Industrial Tools and Redline Racing go into their 2nd season in Porsche Supercup. Joining a very young Supercup Team how do you think you can contribute the most to succeeding in 2008?

A: As I have a lot of experience with Porsche in general I think the team can benefit from that and also I can benefit from having a team mate like David who is fast and experienced as well so I think that will create synergy for everyone involved which I hope will lead to good results and also I know so many people in the business that I believe me being there might also attract the right engineers for example to come and join us. As it is a long term programme we have time to build it up and turn it into a championship winning combination

Q: After 2003 & 2004 IRWIN Industrial Tools is the second tool company that you drive for. What is your personal relation to tools?

A: I do not have any relation to tools although that might sound strange as you would expect drivers to be technical as well in this sport but fortunately I was born with a heavy right foot but also 2 left hands

Q: . As part of the Formula 1 race calendar you will also be racing at the newly established race in Valencia, another street circuit similar to Monaco. What are the specialties of such a race and how do you prepare for a new track like this?

A: The main difference with normal tracks is that you do not have any run off area so any mistake is very costly but preparing is the same as every other track. You go around by foot and look at the specific difficulties and then take it easy for the first few laps. I think at the end of the day it all comes down to being very confident with your own abilities and the feeling for the car

Q: Finally, tell us what you expect from the 2008 Supercup season with IRWIN?

A:. For sure we have a driver line up who can push each other to new limits so we both benefit from that and as preparation before the season is very limited due to late delivery of the cars it won’t be easy for me with a new crew but over the season I am confident that we will be regular podium finishes and if we have some luck as well we might end up fighting for the championship by the end of the season.



2005: Porsche Supercup with Lechner Racing School Team

2004: Porsche Supercup withTeam DeWalt Racing - PZRO-JAM, 5th overall Official test with Minardi Formula 1 Team

2003: Porsche Supercup withTeam DeWalt Racing - PZRO-JAM, DTM Round 1 in Hockenheim, 1st 2002 specs car

2002: DTM with CEB Team AMG Mercedes, 2 nd of the 2001 cars

2001: -DTM with Eschmann Stahl Team AMG Mercedes, 6th in championship, 1 win, 1 fastest lap, 2 podimfinishes

2000: Daytona 24 hours Porsche GT3 RSR, Result: out of race due to engine failure, Le Mans 24 hours race with Oreca Viper Team, Result: 12th overall; 5th in class, Porsche Supercup (official Support Event of the European F1 Grand Prix), Result: European Champion

1999: Daytona 24 hours Porsche GT3 RSR, Result: 3rd in Gt3, Sebring 12 hrs. Porsche GT2, Result: 1st in GT2, Porsche Supercup (official Support Event of the European F1 Grand Prix), Result: European Champion, Le Mans 24 Hours factory Porsche 996, Result: 1st in GT3, ALMS/ Petit Le Mans Porsche GT3R, Result: 8th place in GT3

1998: Daytona 24 hours Porsche GT2, Result: 5th overall, 2nd in GT2, Sebring 12 hrs. Porsche GT3 RSR, Result: 4th in GT3 class, FIA GT, 3 races Porsche GT2, Result: 2 x, 2nd; 1 x non finish, Porsche Supercup (official Support Event of the European F! Grand Prix), Result: European Champion, Belcar (Belgian GT) Porsche GT2, Result: overall Champion, Le Mans 24 Hours Chrystler worksdriver with Karl Wenslinger and Mark Duez, Result: out of race in leading position due to electrical failure, Spa 24 hours BMW, Result: 15th overall due to electrical failure in beginning of the race. Zolder 24 hours with Marc Goossens and Thiery Boutsen, Overall win with Semi-official Porsche GT1

1997: Porsche Supercup (official Support Event of the European F1 Grand Prix), Result: European Champion, Belcar (Belgian GT) Porsche GT2, Result: 2nd overall incl. pole position & overall victory in 24 hours of Zolder. Porsche GT1 testdrive

1996: Porsche Supercup (official Support Event of the European F1 Grand Prix) Result: 3rd place in the Championship, FIA GT, 3 races Porsche GT2, Result: 2 x 2nd; 1 x non finish, Zolder 24 hours race (Belcar - Belgian GT), pole Position - 3rd overall, Porsche Carrera Cup Helsinki (Support event German Touringcar Championship, Result: Pole Position and 1st place

1995: Porsche Supercup, Result: 4th place in the Championship